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Through continues research and development, the newly invented epoxy hybrid structural adhesive “CrossMetal” is launched.

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Collaboration with world’s leading company CrossChem Co., Ltd South Korea. Through continues research and development, the new newly invented CrossMetal is launched. CrossChem is a global adhesive company headquartered in Korea. The company produces Solid Surface Adhesives and exports to all over the world.

Advantages of CrossMetal:

Fast curing and excellent physical properties, Easy to prepare surface pre-treatment, Broad temperature resistance up to 130℃ down to -20℃, Lower cost than high cost structural epoxy

Brand: CrossMetal

Epoxy Hybrid Structural Adhesive H-100


EV Battery, Bus bar, Energy Storage System, Ceramic, Glass, Metal, Plastics

Key characteristics:

Bonding High Strength High Shear, Peel and Impact strength , Excellent Reliability, Easy Mixing, None Sag

Features of H100:

60 minutes work life
High Shear, Peel and Impact strength
Excellent Reliability, Easy Mixing
Non Sag

Direction for Use:

All other contaminants must be completely removed from the surface before use.
(Wipe surface free of dust, paint, oil and dirt with clean fine grit abrasives)
* Shelf Life : 15 months (temp 10-30 °C)

Product Type:

2:1 Cartridge (50ml), Big size bulk (20L, 180L)

Brand: CrossMetal

Acrylic Structural Adhesive AR-110ST

Two-component reactive acrylic adhesive, AR-110ST features fast curing time and excellent bond strength.
It can be used for various materials such as electric and electronic parts and automobile parts.
Exhibits excellent adhesion, heat resistance , durability, weather resistance, cold resistance, and impact resistance.


Car battery, Electronic parts, Wind Turbine, EV motor core, Metal, Aluminum, Sus, Ceramic, Glass, Plastic, Rubber, Stone.

Key characteristics:

Bonding Strength

How to Use:

Apply adhesive after completely removing contaminants from the surface of the substrate and drying it.
Amount of coating : 0.2-0.5 g/㎠
* Curing speed and conditions may vary depending on the coating thickness and the surrounding environment.
When stored at room temperature (10-30°C) avoiding direct sunlight, the shelf life is 6 months.

Product Type:

10:1 Cartridge (50ml)

Brand: CrossMetal

Acrylic Foam Tapes

Key Features:

Fast and Easy to apply; Saves on Installation Labor
Reduct weight
Vibration & fatigue resistant
Corrosion resistant
Used extensively in Aerospace, Transportation, Marine,
Construction, and General Industrial applications


Automotive, Construction Panel & Frames, Electronics, Consumer Accessories, Glass, Transparent Panel Bonding, Large Display, Camera Bonding, Lens/Back Cover Bonding, Railway and Aircraft. 

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