The company caters to supplying and trading of polymers for industries such as plastics & packaging, automotives, paints and inks, electronics and construction.

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Hydrocarbon Resin


Hydrocarbon resins are highly versatile products capable of performing crucial functions in many applications – such as in the production of adhesives, rubber, coatings and inks.

Because they are good tackifiers, the resins are especially critical to the manufacture of adhesives. Adhesives are growing in importance because, besides bolting, welding and riveting, gluing has become another common method of joining materials in both domestic and industrial applications.

As additives in coatings, hydrocarbon resins play an important role in protecting the surfaces of all kinds of materials.

The rubber industry mainly uses hydrocarbon resins to optimize the rolling resistance and traction of tires.

Other applications of hydrocarbon resins include the modification of paper, paints, plastic and bitumen. Additionally, they are used in plant construction.