Speciality Chemicals

Specialty chemicals, also known as performance chemicals, are used as ingredients in finished products and to improve manufacturing processes.

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Epoxy Hybrid Structural Adhesive

Epoxy glue is a thermosetting adhesive made up of a resin or epoxy polymer and a hardener that is used to adhere or join a range of surfaces together with a strong, permanent, and robust bond that can tolerate extreme stress and weather conditions.

Epoxy adhesives are the most widely used industrial adhesives, as well as the most adaptable structural adhesives. The tenacity of the cured product, as well as their incredible ability to stick to a wide range of materials, contribute to the popularity of epoxy adhesive.

The newly developed epoxy adhesive CrossMetal is two-component adhesive that has excellent shear, peel, and impact performance.

This new product provides super durability, not only on different kinds of metal substrates, but also on plastics including FRP products and natural stones.

Expensive epoxy adhesive can be easily replaced with this economic adhesive.